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Why You Should Have a Plumbing Inspection Before Buying a Home

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A new home is always an exciting feeling, from signing the last piece of paper to receiving the keys in your hand. As a new homeowner, you will quickly realize that a home requires a lot of maintenance to upkeep basic household necessities. To avoid any disruptions as you settle in, we encourage you to have a plumbing inspection done before buying a home.

Avoid costly bills and repairs

As a plumbing inspector does a walk-through of your home, they are able to recognize any issues at a deeper glance. For example, if there are any potential leaks, this diagnosis could help you avoid costly water bills and expensive repairs in the near future. Water stains of any kind are a clear sign of a possible leak. Not to mention how one small leak can become a homeowner’s worst nightmare as it ruins any new furniture and flooring in the way. 

Have properly functioning faucets and drains 

The last thing you want to do when you buy a house is to not schedule a plumbing inspection and end up with a messy clog instead due to a sewage backup. Having to check for properly functioning faucets and drains will save you from this task. Plumbers will do tests on water temperatures to check for boilers, garbage disposals, flushable and filling toilets plus much more. 

Detect water damage 

The interior and exterior structures of your home provide a strong foundation built to last. After all, you invested your hard-earned money into your home; why let an important step go to waste? It is therefore equally important to get a plumbing inspection done beforehand to detect any risk of water damage and restoration. Even new homes need an inspection, especially if the previous contractors failed to install pipes and sewage lines properly. The inspection will include a further look at windows, flooring, landscaping, driveways and everything else in between. Any signs of warping will indicate a problem requiring immediate attention.

Safety matters 

Keeping your family safe is something you will want to invest in when buying a home. From buying security systems to getting homeowners insurance, a plumbing inspection should also be on the list. The inspection ensures that there is not any contaminated water, no signs of mold or mildew and that you do not have a leaky boiler; all are dangerous and pose a hazardous threat to your health if not treated. 

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