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When You Need a Video Camera Pipe Inspection

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Amidst all of the things you have to deal with for your home, checking your wastewater/hidden pipes is probably very low on the list. It is something that most people do not think of when checking the state of things in the home. However, if not checked regularly, it could lead to major problems down the road or in the near future. Thankfully, plumbers have a gadget that they use to inspect the pipes without causing damage or need of removal, which is called a video camera pipe inspection. You may be wondering when you should get your pipe inspected and what the inspection may yield. Not to worry, in this post, we will go over when you should get an inspection and what sorts of problems it can avoid.

The video camera pipe inspection itself is pretty self-explanatory. A plumber will come by the house and use a metal cord with a small camera attached to the front to insert into the pipe in order to see inside. It is helpful in that the cord allows the plumber to see hundreds of feet inside the pipe without having to remove anything. It is used in order to determine if there are any blockages, clogs, buildups, cracks, and holes in the pipe itself, but it can also be used to simply identify where the sewer lines are and the specific type of pipe that is being inspected. As the inspection is taking place, the plumber is getting visuals in real time on his computer and should be able to inform you promptly of the state of the pipes.

There are four instances in which we highly recommend that you get a video camera inspection. It is recommended that you get a video inspection once a year in order to avoid the trouble it may cause if left unchecked. Left untouched, it could lead to corrosion that will cost you much more to replace than it would to have it checked once a year. Another instance is when you are buying a new home. There are plumbing inspections during the home-buying process, but if you really want to make sure that there are no problems, a video camera inspection is recommended. There is not much worse than completing the purchase of a new home to find major problems not long after. You should also get a video camera pipe inspection if your plumbing is old. Some problems take years to ferment, and if it is not properly checked, it could cause considerable damage. Lastly, you should get a video pipe inspection if you need to find a pipe or a crack or break in it. Not only can these inspections find hidden or buried pipes, it can find breaks or cracks that cannot be readily seen.

If you think any of these instances apply to you, make sure to call us at Blair Plumbing, (504) 733-9113, and we can get you the help you need as soon as possible with professional care and service.

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