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Top 6 Signs Your Water Line Might Be Clogged and What to Do

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Being one of the most experienced New Orleans plumbers, Blair Plumbing wants to improve your knowledge. Your water line has become clogged: This is a significant trouble for any homeowner; it’s the source of many maddening issues throughout the house. Although a clogged line might fix itself, the majority of cases need you to use our New Orleans plumbing professionals with years of experience. 

Find out the six most frequent signals that there may be a clogged water line – and try out the Blair solutions to remedy the situation:

1. Low Water Pressure

A sudden and persistent drop in water pressure across multiple faucets or showers is a strong indication of a blockage in the main water line. While a clogged aerator at a sink can cause isolated low pressure, a main line clog reduces the flow of water throughout your entire home. If you notice reduced pressure along with any other signs on this list, it’s definitely time to call a trusted plumber in New Orleans.

2. Discolored Water

Clean, clear water is essential, so if you notice a sudden change in color (like brownish, yellow, or rusty tints), it usually means there’s sediment, rust, or other debris being dislodged from within the water line itself. This debris can be caused by corrosion or buildup within aging pipes and is a sign that you may need a more thorough inspection and cleaning of your water line.

3. Strange Noises

Water should generally flow silently through your pipes. If you hear gurgling, banging, whistling, or clanging sounds emanating from inside the walls, it’s a tell-tale sign of trouble. These noises suggest that water is struggling to flow freely due to a partial or complete blockage. Don’t ignore these aural clues – seeking help from a plumber in New Orleans could mean the difference between a quick fix and a more serious plumbing issue.

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4. Slow-Draining Sinks and Bathtubs

It may seem odd at first, but a water line clog can lead to slow-draining sinks, showers, and bathtubs. This is because a mainline blockage decreases the overall outflow of water from your home. Pressure starts to build up throughout the system, slowing drainage even in fixtures that don’t have individual clogs.

5. Multiple Clogged Drains

When multiple drains throughout the house start to back up or drain slowly, it’s highly likely there’s a substantial clog in the main water line. Individual drain clogs are common, but simultaneous malfunction of drains in different locations almost always indicates a problem deeper in your system. This definitely calls for expertise from a plumber in New Orleans.

6. Foul Odors

A sewer-like smell coming from your drains warrants immediate attention. It could indicate a serious clog somewhere in the water line that’s not only preventing water from draining properly, but also allowing noxious gases to seep back up into your living spaces. This is not only unpleasant but can pose a health risk as well.

What To Do When You Suspect a Clog

  • Basic Troubleshooting: You can try some DIY drain clearing methods for a sink or shower clog, but it’s best to call Blair Plumbing right away if you suspect a water line clog.
  • Don’t Ignore It! A clogged water line may lead to water damage or even a burst pipe. Call in the plumbers in New Orleans you trust to handle it before it escalates.
  • Professional Tools: Plumbers like Blair Plumbing have specialized tools like video inspection equipment to diagnose main water line problems and hydro-jetting equipment that can safely blast away even the toughest clogs.

Need Plumbing Help?

If you’re worried about the health of your waterline, don’t ignore the signs! Trust the experienced plumbers at Blair Plumbing to quickly diagnose and resolve any potential issues before they become major problems.  We offer free estimates and provide quality residential and commercial plumbing services across the New Orleans area – let us get your water flowing freely again! Call today!

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