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Steps to a Proper Toilet Installation

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Installing a new toilet is a pretty straightforward process if you know what you’re doing. An improperly installed toilet can lead to leaks, water damage and septic damage. Here are the steps to properly install a toilet

Turn off The Water – When installing a toilet it’s imperative you turn off the water. If you don’t you will have a huge mess on your hands. 

Remove Water From the Toilet – Flush the existing toilet to drain it of any water that is sitting inside it. You can also use a plunger to push it all down. Then take a bucket and remove the excess water from the tank. 

Disconnect the Supply Line – Use a wrench to disconnect the supply line. This might take a little elbow grease if it hasn’t been done in a while.

Be Cautious of Water Leaking – You might start to see some water leaking out as you’re disconnecting things. Have rags on hand to clean the water up and prevent any water damage. 

Remove the Tank – Use a wrench to disconnect the bolts that connect the bottom of the tank to the bowl. Then lift the tank straight up from the bowl and set it aside. 

Start Unscrewing – Pop open the toilet bolt caps and use a pair of pliers or a wrench to remove the nuts and washers on the bolts that secure the bowl to the floor. 

Remove Caulk – If your toilet is caulked around the base, use a knife to cut the seam.

Remove the Bowl – Gently rock the toilet bowl until it’s free and you can lift it up. Move it aside to expose the seal and remove it with a putty knife. Stuff a rag in the open line to prevent sewer gases from coming in. Just make sure you remove the rag before installing the new toilet. 

Replace the Flange if Needed – This creates the connection between the toilet and the floor and acts as the connection point for the hardware. IF it’s cracked or broken, replace it. 

Install the New Seal – Either rest the toilet bowl on its side (use a padded surface like a towel) and attach the seal to the bottom of the bowl, or place the seal in position on the flange and lower the bowl onto it. 

Install Your New Toilet – Place the bowl down on the flange and align the bolt holes. Press down to seal it. Now reattach the bolts alternating sides to ensure it’s all bolted down evenly. Attach the tank (if you have a two-piece toilet) and bolt it down. 

Reconnect – Reattach the supply line and turn the water back on. Be sure to look for any leaks or water around the toilet. 

Add the Seat and Lid – IF your lid and seat are not attached already, don’t forget to do that. 

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