Metairie, LA

Metairie, Louisiana is known as the fifth-largest, census-designated place in Jefferson Parish. With the population rising, the “city” requires much-needed plumbing services due to the surrounding water supply hazards and occasional hurricane season advisories.

Beyond the City

  • Blair Plumbing is happy to bring Metairie City locals a plumbing company that is close to home.
  • The town is a combination between suburban and city living so residents never miss a beat.
  • The town thrives off the nightlife with only a short drive away from New Orleans. During the evening hours, watching sunsets is a popular activity for both locals and tourists.
  • Metairie City is the perfect place for residents to retire as the cost of living is low and affordable. Retirees are fond of the Metairie road that lays on a bed of beautiful oak trees. 

Back In Time

There is plenty of history that dates back to the Civil War times in Metairie.

  • Many cemeteries are still operating with architectural structures that serve as collections to the respected families throughout the grounds. Tourists enjoy visiting the meaningful cemeteries as they gain knowledge of each site and its significance.
  • Some of the largest burial sites, tombstones and monuments still remain standing after decades of wear and tear.

Business Growth and Opportunities

After the city’s recovery from Hurricane Katrina, the development has heightened for good reasons. There is now more opportunity for business growth including:

  • Law firms
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Art districts
  • Healthcare centers and local facilities
  • Mardi Gras events as the nationally known original celebratory location

Residential and Commercial Plumbing

  • Even after the closings of many facilities during the pandemic of 2019, Metairie City is still set to continue to boom in its economy.
  • Blair Plumbing plans to continue to be a part of the reopening phases of the city as essential workers by providing residential and commercial plumbing services.
  • Residential Plumbing includes repairs and installations on many household fixtures such as toilet repairs, under slabs, leaky faucets, water pressure issues, garbage disposals, sink repairs and video camera pipe inspections.
  • Commercial Plumbing requires business owners to keep up with maintenance and city coding. Blair Plumbing specializes in certified coding standards and will carefully evaluate all plumbing aspects of the business. Repairs and installations are made in water heaters, drain cleaning, high-pressure water jet cleaning, gas, backflow prevention and grease traps.
  • Residents are encouraged to remain safe and seek shelter during hurricane emergencies. The Causeway bridge is the go-to out-of-town access plan for most. To successfully continue to avoid harsh weather corrosions and leaks, inspections are included as a service on their own.

We are here to help with any plumbing services you may need for your home or business. Call us today for inspections, repairs and installations at (504) 370-9462. Blair Plumbing Sewer and Drain Cleaning is a family-owned and full-service plumbing company with over 45 years of experience. We gladly serve the New Orleans Metropolitan area.