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Leaky Faucets

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You are going about your normal day, coming home from a long day at work, when you hear something you just cannot put a finger on. You follow the sound and find out it is a drip from your faucet. After turning both of the knobs all the way back to no avail, you realize that there may be a bigger issue at hand here. In this post, we will be going over the common causes of a leaky faucet and how to address the problem.

Leaky or dripping faucets are usually caused by a couple of different things. They can be and usually are caused by parts that are not working as they used to like o-rings, washers, and corroded valve seats.

O-rings are tiny rubber rings that can be found around the valve stem. Through the normal use of the faucet over time, the O-rings can be damaged or loose. A typical way to identify this is if the leakage is coming from the handle of the faucet. If this applies to your situation, you may just need to replace the O-ring. If this is not the case, your faucet may be leaking because of the other two following reasons.

Probably the most common reason for leaky faucets would have to be a worn-out washer. As time goes on and you use your faucet more and more, the washer will come in contact with the valve seat, which over time will wear down the washer. Like the O-ring, your leak could be just as simple as replacing the washer.

Then there are the issues with corroded valve seats. Corroded valve seats, like the o-rings and seat washers, become problems after continual use. The valve seat is part of the compression system that connects the faucet and the spout. With increased use comes corrosion due to the buildup of water sediment. The most indicative sign that your leaky faucet is due to the dysfunction of the valve seat is if the leakage is around the spout.

While some of these problems can be fixed with a home remedy, it is much safer and will be more cost-effective to call a plumber to come to check out the problem for themselves. You are more likely to avoid more damage than there already is to your faucet by contacting a plumber to verify the problem for you. Make sure that if you find a leak coming from your faucet at home, do not leave it be because it does not seem like that big of an inconvenience. Leaky faucets could end up skyrocketing your water bill, not to mention the environmental concerns over wasting such a valuable resource like water.

Whether it is a simple fix or you need the whole faucet replaced, make sure to give us a call at Blair Plumbing a call, (504) 733-9113, and we can answer any question you may have and provide quality and professional service for you and your needs.

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