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Is an Under Slab Leak Ruining Your Foundation?

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Homeowners have a reasonable amount of things to worry about when it comes to keeping up with electrical and plumbing maintenance, such as making repairs as needed and upgrading to appliances, fixtures or household systems. The value of the home will continue to increase considering the number of investments you make throughout the years. But when one thing goes wrong, it could feel like the entire house goes down with it. An under slab leak, for example, is a problem that could ruin your home’s overall foundation if left untreated. 

Look for the warning signs 

Leaks are common but some are harder to find than others. The difference between a leak and an under slab leak is that it affects the slabs underneath the home; it can be more or less noticeable. Either way, it is good to look out for the warning signs early enough for a professional plumber to make the repairs immediately. Be aware of any hot spots on the floor, a spike in the water bill or mold growth on walls. Another sign is the sound of running water when water fixtures are not in use. 

Water leak detectors

Having a water leak detector on hand could save you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars from a catastrophic occurrence. There are smart leak detectors that not only sense water from any sink or water heaters but have the ability to automatically shut off valves for you as well as connect to your smartphone. Other traditional smart leak detectors are still able to detect any leaks and are quite affordable.

Foundation and beyond 

Leaky faucets are the result of an under-slab leak. As pipes crack, the water penetrates the home, especially if you have hard water. These leaks can present themselves in many ways, such as affecting not only the inside of your home but the outside as well. The concrete slab will begin to corrode, and so will the soil, leading to a possible collision, which is highly dangerous. 

Emergency repair 

If you suspect that you have an under slab leak or are unsure if it is ruining your home’s foundation, call the plumbing experts for an inspection or emergency repair immediately. Dealing with an under slab problem can cause significant damage and should therefore never go unnoticed. Any potential risks due to under slab foundation can be hazardous. Make sure you hire a professional who is highly trained in this area. 

We proudly make repairs to under-slab leaks and check the home’s foundation for any damage. Call us today for inspections, repairs and installations at (504) 733-9113. Blair Plumbing Sewer and Drain Cleaning is a family-owned and full-service plumbing company with over 45 years of experience. We gladly serve the New Orleans metropolitan area.

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