By their very nature, plumbing issues are nearly invisible, hidden away in deep dark pipes that most people never deal with or see. When issues arise, it’s not always obvious what has caused them. That’s why it’s important to get your plumbing systems inspected by a professional who can properly diagnose the problem and help take care of it at the source.

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Video Camera Pipe Inspections

Effective pipe inspections are essential, but never easy. That's why we have handy video camera technology that can allow us to see the real state of your pipes so we can give you the most accurate diagnosis we can.

Blair Plumbing

Gas Line Inspections

Gas leaks can be a highly volatile. Much like your water pipes, your gas pipes need regular inspections to make sure they aren't leaking. We can come in and make sure your system is sealed and your home is free of anything that isn't air.

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