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How to Find a Leak

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Fixing leaks is never a fun task to take on, especially if these leaks come up unexpectedly. Finding the leak itself can also be a stressful process for any home or business owner. That’s why it is important to find the source of faucet leaks, or any leaks for that matter, immediately as they can extend damages indicatively. To better prepare to find leaks, here are some things you should know. 

Look for Water Stains 

Water stains are among the most common and easiest signs that indicate a leak. The water seeping through various materials will create a rust color that is visible to the eye and can be found almost anywhere: including walls, ceilings and floors. 

Low Water Pressure

Lower water pressure coming from faucets not only creates a spike in the water bill but can rupture pipes in the long run thus causing a faucet leak. If you have low water pressure, there is a high chance that it is linked to possible leaks in the future as well as hazardous gases. A kitchen faucet repair should be conducted as soon as possible by a qualified plumber

Built-Up Mold

Since mold build-up can accumulate fast against walls or ceilings, there is most likely a leak behind the surface through the pipes. Leaks can also occur through the small gaps of the intersections where caulking meets and where mold is present. Many people refer to mold as having the infamous rotten egg smell, which is highly toxic to breathe in. 

Rim Leak Test Trick

The silly old trick of a rim leak test might just do the job to help find a leak. It is a fast and efficient way that is used with a small amount of water and dribbling it where the faucet and sink meet. Leaks will appear under the sink if the water seeps through and can create small puddles. A kitchen faucet repair will be necessary in order to avoid the surrounding material deteriorating.

Locate Standing Water

Locate standing water throughout your space. Standing water is said to be tied to severe damage to the home’s framework or flooring. Sewage water is known to contain toxic pathogens that are dangerous to our health. 

Loose Tiles

Lastly, you will want to watch out for loose tiles that indicate poor or weak foundations. As the tiles crack, water easily seeps through the foundation creating a leaky mess. It’s important to keep tiles in good condition to help avoid this.

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