Harahan, LA

Harahan is a suburb of New Orleans with a population of just over 9,000 residents. Living in Harahan offers residents a suburban feel while in a major city. In Harahan, there are a plethora of bars, restaurants and local shops located throughout the city. Many families, young professionals and retirees reside in Harahan. There’s a lot to learn and love about this city!

Good to know about Harahan, LA: 

  • The water is no secret to the city of Harahan, Louisiana. It is located in Jefferson Parish, right along the Mississippi River, including the well-known Huey P. Long Bridge. The Huey P. Long Bridge is now known as River Ridge. 
  • The city is built around community life and is comparable to a quant, family-friendly suburb. 
  • New Orleans is just a short stop away, but Harahan City offers many nearby casual attractions that residents love just as much! Entertainment such as: boutiques, retail stores, national chain restaurants and cafes, entertainment for all ages, including bowling and laser tag, plus much more!
  • The fun never ends as locals anticipate their annual St. Rita Pecan festival in November. Families line up for the long-awaited warm pecan pastries that are sold and kids enjoy a weekend full of activities. 

Residential Living and Plumbing 

  • The homes of Harahan City surround the neighborhoods with a rich history many tourists find attractive. 
  • Elementary schools are also part of what makes education a great foundation for future generations. 
  • To ensure residents receive professional plumbing services throughout their stay, Blair Plumbing Sewer and Drain Cleaning company delivers installations and repairs as needed. 

Local Essential Services 

Whether you are on a boat or touring the waters of the river in Harahan City, home will await but not at the expense of a drainy mess. Blair Plumbing has been established since 1977 with a focus on providing fast and reliable services for the New Orleans Metro area. By working with a local business, customers can receive affordable quotes and quality workmanship. 

From emergency repairs to regular maintenance, essential services are always a priority.

  • Leaky Faucets – a quick fix gets the job done. Our experts know how to find the source and stop it from continuing.
  • Toilet Repairs – clogs are inevitable and a DIY may not always do the trick. We repair any kind of fixtures.
  • Water Pressure Issues – pressure changes indicate a few or multiple issues where we can find at the source.
  • Under Slab Repairs – our professionals treat water pipes below concrete foundations that are prone to floods.
  • Garbage Disposal Repairs – installation or repairs on this neat gadget help owners go back to their everyday household uses.
  • Sink Repairs – tarnished faucets or drain clogs, we have the right equipment to ensure continuous healthy water flows.
  • Video Camera Pipe Inspections – sewers may need a closer look at the cause of the problem. You get a thoroughly detailed report with video proof with the help of our high-quality camera lenses.

Blair Plumbing is a family-owned business that knows the importance of maintaining water fixtures under control so that others can enjoy the many wonders Harahan City has to offer. 

Blair Plumbing serves the New Orleans, Metairie and Harahan City area with residential and commercial plumbing. Other services including inspections and emergencies are also available. Call our experts today at (504) 470-0447 to request a quote.