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Benefits of High-Pressure Drain Cleaning

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Plumbers deal with it all, from leaky messes to sewer line damage. Although opening and cleaning out drains is possible, they have since found profound cleaning solutions for drains that suffer from sewage backups, standing water, foul smells and slow draining sinks due to clogs. The use of high-pressure drain cleaning allows for many beneficial plumbing capabilities that knock down debris for commercial or residential drain surfaces.  

Engineered with power

A high-pressure drain, also known as hydro jetting cleaning, is a more modern and mechanical tool engineered with power. The process involves the force of jetters that help water go through the hose and then through a nozzle spray. Once the water is set to the correct pressure, it helps dissolve any debris inside and at the bottom of a pipe. High-pressure drain cleaners are available in upright class or caged models and vary in diameter depending on the pipe. There are also cold or hot water drain temperature options. Determining the type of material that can withstand either temperature setting will give you a better understanding of which one to use. 

Fast performance 

Unlike regular drain cleaning that requires manual labor by using a plunger, baking soda and vinegar solutions or using the snake drain, high-pressure drain cleaning eliminates the hard work by using a semi-automatic machine. The controlled flow and speed limit of the water helps keep the pump afloat. The benefit of a high-performance tool like this one is that it is fast and efficient at removing and clearing out buildup. It also helps save time as at-home drain cleaning remedies require regular maintenance when blockages get in the way and are only a short-term solution. With high-pressure drain cleaning, any common clogs are easily eliminated. 

Environment friendly 

Any professional plumber will advise you to refrain from using chemicals to clean out a drain. The problem with the use of powerful pipe cleaning chemicals is that they can deteriorate the pipe itself, causing holes and leaks. Septic tanks are especially vulnerable to becoming affected as well. High-pressure drain cleaning is a safe process that uses strictly water and – you guessed it – pressure, to ensure there is no residue left. The water is released at a powerful setting that is enough to not have to use more than needed versus if one was to do the work manually. It kills bacteria on the spot and leaves no damage behind as there is no digging involved. 

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