Why You Should Have a Plumbing Inspection Before Buying a Home

Plumbing Inspection

A new home is always an exciting feeling, from signing the last piece of paper to receiving the keys in your hand. As a new homeowner, you will quickly realize that a home requires a lot of maintenance to upkeep basic household necessities. To avoid any disruptions as you settle in, we encourage you to have a plumbing inspection done before buying a home.

Avoid costly bills and repairs

As a plumbing inspector does a walk-through of your home, they are able to recognize any issues at a deeper glance. For example, if there are any potential leaks, this diagnosis could help you avoid costly water bills and expensive repairs in the near future. Water stains of any kind are a clear sign of a possible leak. Not to mention how one small leak can become a homeowner’s worst nightmare as it ruins any new furniture and flooring in the way. 

Have properly functioning faucets and drains 

The last thing you want to do when you buy a house is to not schedule a plumbing inspection and end up with a messy clog instead due to a sewage backup. Having to check for properly functioning faucets and drains will save you from this task. Plumbers will do tests on water temperatures to check for boilers, garbage disposals, flushable and filling toilets plus much more. 

Detect water damage 

The interior and exterior structures of your home provide a strong foundation built to last. After all, you invested your hard-earned money into your home; why let an important step go to waste? It is therefore equally important to get a plumbing inspection done beforehand to detect any risk of water damage and restoration. Even new homes need an inspection, especially if the previous contractors failed to install pipes and sewage lines properly. The inspection will include a further look at windows, flooring, landscaping, driveways and everything else in between. Any signs of warping will indicate a problem requiring immediate attention.

Safety matters 

Keeping your family safe is something you will want to invest in when buying a home. From buying security systems to getting homeowners insurance, a plumbing inspection should also be on the list. The inspection ensures that there is not any contaminated water, no signs of mold or mildew and that you do not have a leaky boiler; all are dangerous and pose a hazardous threat to your health if not treated. 

Don’t miss a plumbing inspection before you buy. Call us today for inspections, repairs and installations at (504) 370-9462. Blair Plumbing Sewer and Drain Cleaning is a family-owned and full-service plumbing company with over 45 years of experience. We gladly serve the New Orleans metropolitan area.

Benefits of High-Pressure Drain Cleaning

High-Pressure Drain Cleaning

Plumbers deal with it all, from leaky messes to sewer line damage. Although opening and cleaning out drains is possible, they have since found profound cleaning solutions for drains that suffer from sewage backups, standing water, foul smells and slow draining sinks due to clogs. The use of high-pressure drain cleaning allows for many beneficial plumbing capabilities that knock down debris for commercial or residential drain surfaces.  

Engineered with power

A high-pressure drain, also known as hydro jetting cleaning, is a more modern and mechanical tool engineered with power. The process involves the force of jetters that help water go through the hose and then through a nozzle spray. Once the water is set to the correct pressure, it helps dissolve any debris inside and at the bottom of a pipe. High-pressure drain cleaners are available in upright class or caged models and vary in diameter depending on the pipe. There are also cold or hot water drain temperature options. Determining the type of material that can withstand either temperature setting will give you a better understanding of which one to use. 

Fast performance 

Unlike regular drain cleaning that requires manual labor by using a plunger, baking soda and vinegar solutions or using the snake drain, high-pressure drain cleaning eliminates the hard work by using a semi-automatic machine. The controlled flow and speed limit of the water helps keep the pump afloat. The benefit of a high-performance tool like this one is that it is fast and efficient at removing and clearing out buildup. It also helps save time as at-home drain cleaning remedies require regular maintenance when blockages get in the way and are only a short-term solution. With high-pressure drain cleaning, any common clogs are easily eliminated. 

Environment friendly 

Any professional plumber will advise you to refrain from using chemicals to clean out a drain. The problem with the use of powerful pipe cleaning chemicals is that they can deteriorate the pipe itself, causing holes and leaks. Septic tanks are especially vulnerable to becoming affected as well. High-pressure drain cleaning is a safe process that uses strictly water and – you guessed it – pressure, to ensure there is no residue left. The water is released at a powerful setting that is enough to not have to use more than needed versus if one was to do the work manually. It kills bacteria on the spot and leaves no damage behind as there is no digging involved. 

Say goodbye to years of debris buildup and call us today for a high-pressure drain cleaning service at (504) 733-9113. Blair Plumbing Sewer & Drain Cleaning is a family-owned and full-service plumbing company with over 45 years of experience. We gladly serve the New Orleans Metropolitan area.

Is an Under Slab Leak Ruining Your Foundation?

Is an Under Slab Leak Ruining Your Foundation?

Homeowners have a reasonable amount of things to worry about when it comes to keeping up with electrical and plumbing maintenance, such as making repairs as needed and upgrading to appliances, fixtures or household systems. The value of the home will continue to increase considering the number of investments you make throughout the years. But when one thing goes wrong, it could feel like the entire house goes down with it. An under slab leak, for example, is a problem that could ruin your home’s overall foundation if left untreated. 

Look for the warning signs 

Leaks are common but some are harder to find than others. The difference between a leak and an under slab leak is that it affects the slabs underneath the home; it can be more or less noticeable. Either way, it is good to look out for the warning signs early enough for a professional plumber to make the repairs immediately. Be aware of any hot spots on the floor, a spike in the water bill or mold growth on walls. Another sign is the sound of running water when water fixtures are not in use. 

Water leak detectors

Having a water leak detector on hand could save you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars from a catastrophic occurrence. There are smart leak detectors that not only sense water from any sink or water heaters but have the ability to automatically shut off valves for you as well as connect to your smartphone. Other traditional smart leak detectors are still able to detect any leaks and are quite affordable.

Foundation and beyond 

Leaky faucets are the result of an under-slab leak. As pipes crack, the water penetrates the home, especially if you have hard water. These leaks can present themselves in many ways, such as affecting not only the inside of your home but the outside as well. The concrete slab will begin to corrode, and so will the soil, leading to a possible collision, which is highly dangerous. 

Emergency repair 

If you suspect that you have an under slab leak or are unsure if it is ruining your home’s foundation, call the plumbing experts for an inspection or emergency repair immediately. Dealing with an under slab problem can cause significant damage and should therefore never go unnoticed. Any potential risks due to under slab foundation can be hazardous. Make sure you hire a professional who is highly trained in this area. 

We proudly make repairs to under-slab leaks and check the home’s foundation for any damage. Call us today for inspections, repairs and installations at (504) 733-9113. Blair Plumbing Sewer and Drain Cleaning is a family-owned and full-service plumbing company with over 45 years of experience. We gladly serve the New Orleans metropolitan area.

How to Find a Leak

find a leak

Fixing leaks is never a fun task to take on, especially if these leaks come up unexpectedly. Finding the leak itself can also be a stressful process for any home or business owner. That’s why it is important to find the source of faucet leaks, or any leaks for that matter, immediately as they can extend damages indicatively. To better prepare to find leaks, here are some things you should know. 

Look for Water Stains 

Water stains are among the most common and easiest signs that indicate a leak. The water seeping through various materials will create a rust color that is visible to the eye and can be found almost anywhere: including walls, ceilings and floors. 

Low Water Pressure

Lower water pressure coming from faucets not only creates a spike in the water bill but can rupture pipes in the long run thus causing a faucet leak. If you have low water pressure, there is a high chance that it is linked to possible leaks in the future as well as hazardous gases. A kitchen faucet repair should be conducted as soon as possible by a qualified plumber

Built-Up Mold

Since mold build-up can accumulate fast against walls or ceilings, there is most likely a leak behind the surface through the pipes. Leaks can also occur through the small gaps of the intersections where caulking meets and where mold is present. Many people refer to mold as having the infamous rotten egg smell, which is highly toxic to breathe in. 

Rim Leak Test Trick

The silly old trick of a rim leak test might just do the job to help find a leak. It is a fast and efficient way that is used with a small amount of water and dribbling it where the faucet and sink meet. Leaks will appear under the sink if the water seeps through and can create small puddles. A kitchen faucet repair will be necessary in order to avoid the surrounding material deteriorating.

Locate Standing Water

Locate standing water throughout your space. Standing water is said to be tied to severe damage to the home’s framework or flooring. Sewage water is known to contain toxic pathogens that are dangerous to our health. 

Loose Tiles

Lastly, you will want to watch out for loose tiles that indicate poor or weak foundations. As the tiles crack, water easily seeps through the foundation creating a leaky mess. It’s important to keep tiles in good condition to help avoid this.

Having trouble finding the source of the leak? Our experts are here to help! Call us today for inspections, repairs and installations at (504) 733-9113. Blair Plumbing Sewer and Drain Cleaning is a family-owned and full-service plumbing company with over 45 years of experience. We gladly serve the New Orleans Metropolitan area.

What’s Included?

Full service plumbing

Full-service plumbing is a very complex job that requires a certified professional to complete all assigned tasks. As they work with manufacturers, their equipment is set to take on the toughest of jobs. Their experience makes them eligible to get countless jobs done while creating a safe work environment for everyone around guaranteed. What exactly is included in full-service plumbing? We talk about the details below and the kind of services you can expect to see when you hire a full-service provider.  

Essential Services 

When was the last time you had to fix any plumbing issues yourself? Homeowners will often tell you that while it is not often, they try to keep up with maintenance by completing home remedies. These can look like vinegar and baking soda solutions or using a plunger here and there. There are times, however, when home remedies might only temporarily help, so calling a full-service plumbing company will be beneficial. Contractors are required to complete essential services, which are included in full-service plumbing. General plumbing will usually include common day-to-day issues such as clogged drains, noisy pipes and any sewer problems. They have the equipment to provide professional installation and repairs in a fast and efficient manner including any emergencies. 

Residential and Commercial Plumbing

Full-service plumbing offers a wide range of residential and commercial plumbing services. Specialists will work on testing water pressure issues, kitchen garbage disposal appliances, delicate sink repairs, toilet repairs and more. As a bonded, insurance and licensed full-service company, commercial plumbing is included in the challenging issues your business may face. There are numerous services offered including: evaluating commercial water heaters, any type of drain cleaning, high-pressure water jet cleaning from sewer line build-up, gas leakage repairs and grease trap clean-up in foodservice industries. Other services such as sump pump and filtration systems repairs make way for even more coverage on both residential and commercial properties. 

Long-Term Maintenance Solutions

Another benefit of full-service plumbing is long-term maintenance solutions. On top of regular inspections and pre-maintenance, video-pipe camera inspections provide in-depth video camera technology while gas line inspections provide leakproof and safe air-free systems. No one is more prepared than full-service plumbers as they specialize in steamer boilers and excavation for sewer and water lines. Water heater repair and replacement is another form of long-term maintenance as it covers malfunctioning heating elements, faulty connections and thermostat failures to prevent leaks, damage failures and save energy on hot water models. 

We are here to help and provide you with full-service plumbing solutions you may need for your home or business. Call us today for inspections, repairs and installations at (504) 733-9113. Blair Plumbing Sewer and Drain Cleaning is a family-owned and full-service plumbing company with over 45 years of experience. We gladly serve the New Orleans Metropolitan area.

Steps to a Proper Toilet Installation

Toilet Installation

Installing a new toilet is a pretty straightforward process if you know what you’re doing. An improperly installed toilet can lead to leaks, water damage and septic damage. Here are the steps to properly install a toilet

Turn off The Water – When installing a toilet it’s imperative you turn off the water. If you don’t you will have a huge mess on your hands. 

Remove Water From the Toilet – Flush the existing toilet to drain it of any water that is sitting inside it. You can also use a plunger to push it all down. Then take a bucket and remove the excess water from the tank. 

Disconnect the Supply Line – Use a wrench to disconnect the supply line. This might take a little elbow grease if it hasn’t been done in a while.

Be Cautious of Water Leaking – You might start to see some water leaking out as you’re disconnecting things. Have rags on hand to clean the water up and prevent any water damage. 

Remove the Tank – Use a wrench to disconnect the bolts that connect the bottom of the tank to the bowl. Then lift the tank straight up from the bowl and set it aside. 

Start Unscrewing – Pop open the toilet bolt caps and use a pair of pliers or a wrench to remove the nuts and washers on the bolts that secure the bowl to the floor. 

Remove Caulk – If your toilet is caulked around the base, use a knife to cut the seam.

Remove the Bowl – Gently rock the toilet bowl until it’s free and you can lift it up. Move it aside to expose the seal and remove it with a putty knife. Stuff a rag in the open line to prevent sewer gases from coming in. Just make sure you remove the rag before installing the new toilet. 

Replace the Flange if Needed – This creates the connection between the toilet and the floor and acts as the connection point for the hardware. IF it’s cracked or broken, replace it. 

Install the New Seal – Either rest the toilet bowl on its side (use a padded surface like a towel) and attach the seal to the bottom of the bowl, or place the seal in position on the flange and lower the bowl onto it. 

Install Your New Toilet – Place the bowl down on the flange and align the bolt holes. Press down to seal it. Now reattach the bolts alternating sides to ensure it’s all bolted down evenly. Attach the tank (if you have a two-piece toilet) and bolt it down. 

Reconnect – Reattach the supply line and turn the water back on. Be sure to look for any leaks or water around the toilet. 

Add the Seat and Lid – IF your lid and seat are not attached already, don’t forget to do that. 

Contact the professionals today to ensure your toilet seat installation is done right the first time.

Call us at (504) 733-9113. Blair Plumbing Sewer and Drain Cleaning is a family-owned and full-service plumbing company with over 45 years of experience. We gladly serve the New Orleans Metropolitan area.

What services does Blair Plumbing offer?

Blair Plumbing services

At Blair Plumbing, we know the meaning of emergencies and making repairs for common plumbing services. Even though we are family-owned and operated, we provide professional services on a larger scale all at affordable prices. To better serve the New Orleans community, we offer a variety of extensive services such as residential and commercial plumbing, water heater replacement and faucet leaks all under multiple branches. 

Residential Plumbing

Homeowners are often surprised to find out how many plumbing issues they will run into throughout their residence. Blair Plumbing comes to the rescue to take care of those essential services. From leaky faucets to toilet repairs to more in-depth video camera pipe inspections for the sewer lines, all residential plumbing services are covered. Homeowners also enjoy the benefit of hiring legitimate technicians without the risk of having improper installations.

Commercial Plumbing

Owning a business is stressful but rewarding at the same time. If you experience a plumbing problem midway through a workday, you are bound to have an entire project to tackle in itself. To get the issue squared away and fixed quickly, we provide commercial plumbing services that range from common septic pump clogs, gas inspections by our leading gas technicians, backflow prevention (testing, filing, installing and repairing), as well as cleaning drains, grease traps and much more. 

Water Heater Replacement

One of the major services Blair Plumbing offers is water heater repairs, replacements and regular maintenance. They come in handy for the everyday use of hot water and are especially necessary in businesses. Water heaters are generally very complex and can obtain a number of malfunctions such as faulty connections, leaks or thermostat failures. Hot water supply problems are highly encouraged for the hands of a professional as they can be dangerous. In order to keep a water heater running properly for decades to come, inspection is crucial and will save you money in the long run.

Faucet Leaks 

Faucet leaks are common yet detection is quite tricky. Over time, you will notice your water bill gets higher and damage to your ceilings, walls and floors are inevitable. Our plumbing experts are able to determine important factors such as the faucet type and model, identify pipe sources and mold growth, plus follow proper OSHA codes and more. Blair Plumbing is just a phone call away and will find the source to make those stubborn drip drops stop once and for all. 

We are here to help with any plumbing services you may need for your home or business. Call us today for inspections, repairs and installations at (504) 733-9113. Blair Plumbing Sewer and Drain Cleaning is a family-owned and full-service plumbing company with over 45 years of experience. We gladly serve the New Orleans Metropolitan area.

How do I know if my sewer line is clogged?

How do I know if my sewer line is clogged?

As a homeowner, it is always good to know your plumbing system is working properly. Otherwise, your pockets and drain pipes may be doomed for destruction. As wastewater accumulates in the sewer drain pipe, it is known to eventually affect all other drains as well. Checking to see if there are any signs of a clogged main sewer line could be the first step towards saving you money in the long run and getting a repair ASAP.

Gurgling Sounds

A gurgling sound coming from one of the main drain sources is usually linked to the toilet or drain. This will occur once you have flushed the drain. Oftentimes, the water levels will coincide from one fixture to the next, causing the gurgling sound to exit through another fixture. Not being able to properly flush is also an indicator that the sewer line is clogged and needs immediate repair. 

Foul Smells 

Any water fixtures known as secondary lines that produce foul smells suggest your sewer line is also clogged. Sewer drains contain wastewater which in turn leads to contamination and build-up bacteria in your home’s pipes. The water will come up through the floor drains and retain the smell through a sink, bathtub or toilet drain. 

Clogged Fixtures

Having clogged fixtures is one of the most obvious and easiest ways to know your sewer line is clogged and needs repair. The sink, tub and toilet are where you will notice main drain blockages. It is important to note that one of the adding factors to common sewer line clogging comes from improper disposal of flushing feminine products and other similar products causing slow drainage. Homeowners should also look out for their washing machine when in use as the water drainage from the machine can cause the tub to backup. 

Stemming from Tree Roots

That tree in your backyard might just give it away when hinting it is time to service the sewer line. This is especially true when the tree roots overgrow into the older pipes. Though not visible on-site, you will quickly notice the effects inside your home with clogged fixtures. This will certainly cause a clog so it will require a professional plumber to inspect, dig, cut and clear out the roots underground. Older corroded pipe removal might also be necessary. 

Lawn Changes

Your city’s sewage system is connected to your front lawn. Make sure to look out for markings in your lawn that suggest there is a break in the sewer system. If you are having trouble or are confused about locating specific indentations in your lawn, contact a professional plumber to inspect and make repairs. 

If you experience frequent clogging or any of these problems in your home, call us today for a sewer inspection and repair at (504) 733-9113. Blair Plumbing Sewer and Drain Cleaning is a family-owned and full-service plumbing company with over 45 years of experience. We gladly serve the New Orleans Metropolitan area.